Stephen has exceptional facilitation skills, is warm and engaging, and has a superb sense of humor. He is a master of his practice and I feel privileged to have continued to work with him twice yearly when he visits Australia, and to receive his mentorship on a regular basis. This relationship has changed my life - professionally and personally and in doing so, has transformed the lives of others. Process Work has become an integral way of being and learning for me.

Sally Wiencke
Momentum Changing Mindsets.

Seminar and Presentation Schedule 2017/2018
September 25th to 26th 2017: Victoria, Vancouver Island
Closed Session for Island Health Medical Executives

March 17th to 18th 2018: Tokyo, Japan.
Transformational Leadership: Case studies and organizational analysis for senior executives.
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March 21st to 22nd 2018: Tokyo, Japan
Advanced Supervison and Training for OD consultants
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