Dr Schuitevoerder initially worked with my executive medical group to help us become a cohesive, highly functioning team. His outstanding contribution was quickly recognized by the CEO. Subsequently Stephen has worked regularly with our Senior Executive Team, allowing us to have difficult conversations and work together much more effectively. Wherever the future takes me, for process work, team-building or conflict resolution, Dr. Schuitevoerder will remain my first choice. He is brilliant at what he does!
Dr Jeremy Etherington MD
Vice President Medicine and Quality, Interior Health.
Clinical Professor, Emergency Medicine, UBC.

Stephen consults with communities and organizations addressing a diverse range of challenging situations. He has facilitated change management programs for the United Nations; staff retreats, executive coaching, team development, visioning and strategic planning for Esalen Institute; coaching and consultation for executives at Afognak Native Corporation; diversity and team development work for South African Breweries; coaching, strategic planning and conflict resolution for National College of Natural Medicine; consultation, facilitation, and skill development for the Human Resource Department of Fraser Health Authority; executive coaching and leadership team development for Providence Health Care, Investec Bank, Mirvac, Simple Bank, Interior Health Authority, and more.

Stephen's practice focuses on CEO's and executive team members but also includes applications on all levels of the organization. He works individually in coaching and leadership development with executives; in small groups on team development, conflict resolution and skill building; in larger groups working with systemic change processes, visioning, diversity work and group cohesion; and with whole groups within an organization working on collaboration, conflict resolution, strategic directions and change processes. Depending on the presenting needs of the organization, he can at one time work with one member of the organization and at another a group of 300 members.

The first step in this consulting process is a discussion with Stephen as to what the organizational needs are. Each consulting approach is designed in close collaboration with the organization to precisely meet the needs of the organizational system.