"This was as great a meeting as we have had at Esalen."

Michael Murphy
Founder of Esalen Institute

Over the last 20 years Stephen has immersed himself in the study, research and the applications of Process Work. He has been applying the model to organizational systems and is excited by the powerful results of this application in many organizations including the United Nations, Esalen Institute, National College of Natural Medicine, Afognak Native Corporation, KPFK Radio Station, Citi Bank, Investec Bank, Old Mutual, Providence Health Care and more. He is interested in the change process in social and organizational systems and how members of these groups can relate, cooperate and collaborate more effectively together.

He is also passionately interested in community development and has worked with community challenges in many countries around the world.
These include working with the change from communism to democracy in Russia and its relations to Eastern block countries; race relations in South Africa and the change from apartheid to democracy; the conditions and situation of indigenous people in Mexico; and the challenges and racial relations of White and Aboriginal people in Australia.

He has presented as a key note speaker at national and international conferences. He is involved in the training of students in Process Work and is the president and a faculty member of the Process Work Institute, a foremost center of training and development of Process Work in the world.
He has also developed programs and trainings in Process Work in Russia, South Africa, Estonia, Mexico and in the United States.