Stephen is one of the most wise, skilled and professional consultants that I have ever worked with. His integrity, eldership, support of others and authenticity are integral to his work.

Cathy Bernatt
President of Creating... Japan

Articles and Papers:

Introduction to Process Work Theory
A brief introduction to the theory of Process Work

Critical Moments in Organizational Consulting using Worldwork and Structural Analysis Principles
This is a transcript of a presentation for the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology conference in London in 2007. It highlights research in applying Process Work to organizations.

Process Work Contributions to the theory and application of Power
This is an extract of my thesis focusing on the area of power, presenting Process Work theory on power and how this might be useful in addressing personal and social conflicts and tensions.

Process Work Contributions to Men and Power
This is my Phd thesis focusing on the Process Work contributions to men and power. It is a useful study for those wanting an in depth understanding of the mechanisms of rank and power from a Process Work perspective. It is also an intensive study of Process Work large group theory and application and includes an interview with Mindell on the social relations of men and women during the 1990's.

Inner Work and the Cultivation of the Elder

An extensive workbook applying the inner work principles of Process Work to leadership in organizations and the cultivation of the eldership in all

Process Work Applications to Organizational Consulting Video Part 1:
Individual Transformation Process

Process Work Applications to Organizational Consulting Video Part 2:
Team and System Transformation

A lecture I presented as an introduction to Process Work in Organizations. The link is to a you tube video in two parts. The first focuses on the individual change process and the second system and group change.

 Process Applications to Conflict Transformation

A comprehensive video/guide to working with and transforming conflict.

Personal Transformation, Synchronicity and World Change. A personal journey

In this video I begin by sharing the experience of a remarkable synchronicity, the experience that was in a public forum and I believe connected to us all. I then trace a range of the inner work I have done using the approaches of Process Work over the last many years to prepare me to facilitate group and large scale social change processes. I also encourage the participants to do the inner work necessary to be both effective activists and facilitators. I hope you find this video beneficial.