"Masterful, incisive, compassionate and dedicated with an unfailing willingness to go the extra-mile! Stephen has made a profound impact on our organization, our professional community and who we are as South Africans. We are continually inspired by Stephen's versatility, depth of expertise and quest to make a difference in the world."
Heidi Carter and Karin Osler
Principals, Center for Conscious Leadership

Stephen is passionately interested in community development and has worked with many social and community challenges around the world. Stephen traveled back to South Africa for many years and has worked together with communities, organizations and social groups on the transition to democracy and the challenges of diversity and race relations in South Africa. He has worked with the United Nations in Montenegro addressing the challenges of refugees in the former Yugoslavia, and has facilitating meetings with senior government officials and refugee leaders. Soon after the tsunami and subsequent radiation contamination in the Fukushima prefecture, Stephen travelled to Fukushima to work with community leaders and activists to address the crisis and challenges they faced.

He has facilitated groups on the change from communism to democracy in Russia and its relations to Eastern block countries; the conditions and situation of indigenous people in Mexico; and the challenges and racial relations of White and Aboriginal people in Australia.

For many years Stephen was a main facilitator in an international group who travel each alternate year to different places around the world to work with current world challenges as well as the challenges of the region. These 'Worldwork' seminars draw a combination of international and local community development people. The structure of the meetings includes both a large group format of about 300 people, as well as small group meetings of up to 20 people. These seminars have been offered throughout the last two decades and have been hosted in India, Bratislava, Greece, Switzerland, Australia, England and the U.S. worldwork.org